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Find your calm


TRE releases trauma, stress and tension

What if you could live without overwhelm, stress and anxiety?

What if you could easily quieten the incessant mental chatter that keeps you awake at night? 

What if you could replace your inner demons with inner calm in a simple and enjoyable way?

You can! 


TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) is simple, effective and profound and can deliver these results to help you find your calm. 


Gentle movements for powerful change

TRE is a simple yet effective way to re-integrate our nervous systems to heal trauma, manage stress and release tension.

You’ll be guided through a series of gentle movements to activate the innate tremor mechanism all mammals have. You’ll experience involuntary shakes or tremors yet have full control over them.

But this is more than ‘simply shaking’!

TRE is about connecting with our natural, innate stress release response. Just as we have an involuntary stress response (fight, flight, freeze), we also have an involuntary stress release response (tremoring or shaking).

And while we’ve been taught that shaking is a symptom to be hidden or contained, we now realise that shaking is the natural solution to our stress response- one that helps gradually calm our nervous systems and brings our bodies back to a state of balance.  

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"Once you start approaching your body with curiosity instead of fear, everything shifts."

Bessel Van Der Kolk

Is TRE for me?

TRE is simple, gentle and suitable for everybody. We can all use this tremor mechanism to find our inner calm.

For lasting change and healing to occur, the body needs to be involved in our therapy. You don’t need to activate the thinking brain or the emotional brain. You don’t need to talk about yourself or go into detail about any past trauma. 

We store unresolved emotions in our nervous system. As the tremors are activated through the brain stem, we can release our inner demons and heal on a deep level without even saying a word. 


TRE can help people with: 
•    Childhood trauma
•    Attachment issues
•    Sleep disturbances
•    Birth trauma
•    Anxiety, depression and panic attacks
•    Chronic pain and tension
•    Anger management issues
•    Addictive personalities


Freedom for your body, freedom for your mind 

Join millions of other people in over 65 countries who are experiencing the benefits of TRE. Try out this deeply relaxing (and powerful) healing technique for yourself.  

You only need to come with an open and curious mind. 

You can either book in now or keep reading for more information .


“If you want to do something really valuable with your life, treat unresolved trauma.”- Daniel Siegel MD