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Gentle Movements for Powerful Change

Are you feeling just a bit sick of your self?

It can feel like there is a lot bottled up inside and no matter how much you talk about it, events or people can still trigger you? 


Like there's a new, more authentic self stuck beneath all the old stuff, just hanging to be freed.

Anxiety, depression, anger, numbness, frustration, impatience, excessive rumination all disturb your peace and you know there must be an easier, calmer way to just be in this world.

There is. 


These experiences suggest your stress and trauma is trapped in your body, in your nervous system. For true healing, the body must be involved.

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TRE releases trauma, stress and tension

TRE, or Trauma Release Exercises, is a simple and effective way to

re-integrate our nervous systems to heal trauma, manage stress and release tension.  Once learned, you’ll have an effective self-care tool to support your health and wellbeing for the rest of your life, without the need of a therapist.

Learning TRE involves being guided through a series of gentle movements to activate the innate tremor mechanism all mammals have. You’ll experience involuntary shakes or tremors yet have full control over them.

But this is more than ‘simply shaking’!

TRE is about connecting with our natural, innate stress release response. Just as we have an involuntary stress response (fight, flight, freeze), we also have an involuntary stress release response (tremoring or shaking).

And while we’ve been taught that shaking is a symptom of fear or weakness to be hidden or contained, we now realise that shaking is the natural solution to our stress response - one that helps gradually calm our nervous system and bring our body back to a state of balance.  

Release everyday stress and deep-seated tension

TRE is a somatic (body-centred) practice available to all. 

As your body opens to the tremors, you’ll be able to access them easily and gain benefits by practicing small amounts often - making it very efficient and powerful. 

People who regularly practice TRE have reported: 

Less stress, anxiety and rumination

Deeper connection to themselves and others

More energy and greater enjoyment of life

Better sleep

Less pain and tension

Greater flow in their days leading to increased productivity

More joyful relationships

Greater emotional resilience and deeper sense of freedom

Calm as their new 'norm'

Calm Sea

"Once you start approaching your body with curiosity instead of fear, everything shifts."

Bessel Van Der Kolk

Is TRE for me?

TRE is simple, gentle and suitable for everybody. We can all use this tremor mechanism to find our inner calm.

For lasting change and healing to occur, the body needs to be involved in our therapy. You don’t need to activate the thinking brain or the emotional brain. You don’t need to talk about yourself or go into detail about any past trauma. 

We store unresolved emotions in our nervous system. As the tremors are activated through the brain stem, we can release our inner demons and heal on a deep level without even saying a word. 


TRE can help people with: 
•    Childhood trauma
•    Attachment issues
•    Sleep disturbances
•    Birth trauma

•    Anxiety, depression and panic attacks
•    Chronic pain and tension
•    Anger management issues
•    Addictive personalities

What can I expect from a TRE session?

If you’ve never tried TRE, I’d like you to commit to three sessions as each session builds on the last one. My intention is: after three sessions, you’ll know enough about TRE to have it as a self-care, self-love tool for the rest of your life.

Session snapshot:  

Lying comfortably on the floor, you’ll be guided through a series of gentle positions designed to activate your body’s natural, neurogenic tremor mechanism.

Physical and emotional self-regulation is essential to learn, for you to feel 100% in control and therefore safe.

You’ll tremor for most of the session, with time for integration at the end- this allows your body to digest its experience. 

3-steps to stress less 

Session 1:
the tremors

The first session is about experiencing your innate tremor mechanism and becoming familiar and comfortable with the feeling.  Teaching self-regulation is essential for you to become best mates with your tremors.

Session 2:
the tremors

In this session we build on your sense of safety and control. We anchor your ability to self-regulate and to enjoy feeling connected to the process unfolding in your body.  Hands-on facilitations may be utilised.

Session 3:
the tremors

Having befriended and consolidated the tremors, you are now ready to expand them through different positions and variations of the exercises.  Most clients find this process both curious and fun.

Your investment:
Pay per session = $110 per session
Commit to three sessions upfront = $295 for all three

Calm Sea

“If you want to do something really valuable with your life, treat unresolved trauma.” 
Daniel Siegel MD

What next? 

After three guided sessions, my intention is you’ll know everything you need to practice TRE on your own. 
Some people may want or need more guided sessions to get to this point. Others decide to space out guided sessions a month apart, after their initial three sessions.

If you’re practicing on your own and become ‘stuck’, it’s best to book in for another guided session/s. 
How do you know if you’re stuck? If your tremors remain the same for a period of time, or if there’s a particular issue you’d like to work on, or if there has been a lapse in your practice. 

Either way, seeing a TRE provider at these times is recommended if you want your practice to grow and to provide depth to your release process.

A safe space for all your emotions:   

Some people fear what emotions might come up for them during a session. As TRE is a body-based (somatic) therapy- there is no need to use words or to revisit your trauma history.
Emotions may arise, and I like to cultivate curiosity rather than fear around them. Often with TRE, emotions are not accompanied by stories, thoughts, or feelings, but are simply part of the physical release. 

My counselling qualifications allows me to safely support you at any time you may need. Through TRE, it’s possible that old triggers and anxieties are released, without even realising they’ve been processed.

Freedom for your body, freedom for your mind 

Join millions of other people in over 65 countries who are experiencing the benefits of TRE. Try out this deeply relaxing and powerful healing technique for yourself.  

You only need to come with an open and curious mind. 

You can either book in now or keep reading for more information .


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