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“Melissa gave me a very reassuring introduction to TRE at a time in my life when I was feeling very overwhelmed and nervous about unleashing a tsunami of emotions trying this new technique. 
Melissa gave me the confidence to give TRE a go through her explanation of the process and assurance that I’d be in control and could stop at any time. After three online sessions with Melissa, I am so grateful for her confident, kind, curious and at times humorous approach.

She showed care and interest in my progression and seemed genuinely excited to share this practice, which has quickly helped me to feel calm and at more peace with myself and the world. I would (and have) recommend TRE to anyone, and hope that more and more people get to experience it under Melissa’s expert guidance.”

HELEN, Castlemaine

“My experience of TRE has been simply and profoundly healing. TRE is a gentle technique that allowed my body to release held stress and tension. 
I felt empowered by the process and still use it when required. Melissa has a beautiful approach which made me feel safe and held. I highly recommend this technique to anyone who is ready to cleanse out the ‘old’ and open to the ‘new’.” 

NATALIE, Murwillumbah

“Over the past few years, I had suffered recurring bouts of stress arising out of a traumatic accident many years ago and was discussing this with a friend, who mentioned Melissa, a practitioner in TRE.  Having had limited success with conventional methods I decided to give TRE a go.  

Thankfully it was a very wise decision, as the benefits have had a positive impact on me, both in relation to my original trauma but even more surprising on many other aspects of day-to-day life.  I find myself to be far more assertive and clearer in my thoughts and have a far greater ability to cope calmly with issues that would previously have bothered me.  

Not only do I believe I was lucky to hear about TRE, I was also lucky enough to meet a compassionate, caring practitioner in Melissa, who went beyond in following up even after completion of our three sessions.” 

LYS, Melbourne

“In welcoming the tremor – the body’s natural mechanism for release and recalibration of the nervous system – we are allowing the unravelling of cumulative stress.  It’s both the major life incidents and the daily vicissitudes that unwind from the body.  Melissa’s calm and attentive presence and tender stewardship of this process allows me to go deep, feeling safe and supported.” 

IMOGEN, Stony Chute


How do I know if I can tremor?

Tremoring is an innate and positive stress release response we all have access to.

Even when our muscles are at rest, our muscle fibres are contracting and tremoring at a fine, micro level.

Therefore, your body already knows how to tremor.  Through TRE you learn how to amplify the tremors by connecting into the tremoring that is already there.  

I'm worried what emotions I might experience... Could it get messy?

TRE is a body-based therapy, so there is no need to talk about any past trauma you’ve experienced.
Emotions can arise, though not necessarily with thoughts or meaning.  If we remain curious about the emotion and allow its release as a physical one, as opposed to an emotional one, it can be short-lived.  It is possible to release anger with a growl or sadness with a few seconds worth of diaphragmatic release.  It is always better out than in.

If you do need emotional support, I am also a qualified counsellor.

Once I've learned TRE, how often should I practice it?

TRE is a simple, self-help tool that can be used for the rest of your life. 

Once you’ve learned the technique, doing just 10 minutes every second day is enough to help manage stress and tension in your daily life.

Of course, the more you tremor the more depth you will discover, the more layers of old unresolved trauma you will banish from your body and the more freedom you will discover.  It is an efficient and powerful tool.

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